Rotarapp: the management system for the Rotaract Districts

How to improve the internati communication of an association


Create a real management system for the Rotaract Association. The system must include the directory of the Italian clubs, the events calendar, the individual members, clubs and districts boards. In addition, for each user must be provided the opportunity to have a different authorization account which could change the experience of use of the system according to the permits arising from their position in the association.

App Mobile (iOS, Android, Windows)

rotarapp login page mobile applicationThe challenge of creating a management system for a national association has been exceeded. Rotarapp born as an essential tool for internal communication of an association as great as the Rotaract! The main features we have planned are:

  • directory of members;
  • calendar of events divided by districts;
  • clubs and districts boards;
  • push notifications;
  • broadcast messages;
  • assigning different charges for each user;
  • search by name, surname, personal data and employment of members;
  • management of individual club funds through a treasury module;
  • multilingual.

Web App

Sometimes a mobile app is not enough. There are operations, such as create events, or manage members’ positions, which is more comfortable to do from a desktop device. This is why the natural evolution of Rotarapp was his web app developed to make life easier for shareholders who hold positions of administration.

Customer Care

Launching suddenly an app for thousands of people can definitely cause a bit of surprise and discomfort within an association. To solve this, after the adoption of the system, we used Facebook to receive requests of support by the users. It turned out to be one of the best choices we could do. The platform evolved to make comfortable saving tickets and managing problems of the users. In addition, the total presence of users on the social media has made them very easy to contact us even just to dissolve a doubt or a need, maintaining high the satisfaction of the customers.

Current Rotarapp status

Rotarapp is currently used throughout Italy, in some European countries and in Mexico.
It is used daily by around 10,000 members to organize their club activities and to manage their members internal organization. Updates and new features are still in progress.

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